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First one thing: The DJ-Workstation is and will be open source freeware!

The main reason for the existance of this project is very simple: my own need! I am professional DJ (yes, that's possible) and I have realized after my first encounter with the mp3-format, some years ago, that music from a notebook or a portable PC can make my work a lot easier.

For example: You don't have to carry heavy vinyl/ CD records and it also cuts down on some of the mobile-DJ equipment. With a search and find database you save time looking for the next song.

I didn't want to invent the wheel a second time, so I made my way looking for some useful programs. But during my search I saw a lot of shrilling, colourful, featureoverloded expensive trash, that never came up to my real claims, excluding all the bugs and promises of the next "better" versions. Therefore, I decided to improve my sardonic programming knowledge, so that I'm able to write such an application myself.

The main goal is to create a small but fast, professional and stable application that supports a DJ at his work.

That means, that the program is supposed to support a DJ at his work and doesn't bring him in difficulties.

New features will be integrated, when I had them tested myself at my work and when I can be sure that the other features work stable. For example: A BeatCounter would be implemented when I found an algorithm that is more than a toy.

The project, has of course a more personal nature, so that it is independed from economical and merchandising aspects. The primary motivation is to develop a tool that really helps a DJ (but not makes him unemployed).

Other companys can have their "feature-war". They can fight for the honor to present their buggy functions faster than the other. I have even the luxury to tell you what my program is not able to do or what it lacks of.

e.g.: The DJ-Workstation is not as I want it to be. At least not at the moment.... So I call it Alpha! Until release Alpha 3 the program was coded with Borland C++-Builder V 3 and his great-featured but big butted VCL, cause I'm Pascal/Delphi-programmer and wanted to concentrate first on the important things: To build a stable runable program. From the Alpha 4 there was eliminated all overhead. E-mails and the mailinglist are mentioned on the homepage. I hope, you have the same fun as I have when you work with the DJ Workstation

Greetings from cold Germany
Nikolaos Saghiadinos

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