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The DJ-Workstation is an DJ application for stress-free working with ogg/vorbis, mp3 and wave files.

The main concentration is in the effectivity and stableness not in design or features. The DJ-Workstation is not a megabyte monster. It is small and fast. No registry entrys were doing an no rubbish will be copied in windows systen directory.

To install the DJ-Workstation you had to unzip the compressed file into a directory and start the "djw.exe" from there. That's all! An install routine will be included at later releases.

This project wasn't updateted since 13.12.2002. One reason is, that I earn my money now with coding an do not habe really time to work on a DJ Software. But it is not dead!. I work on a complete platformindependend rewrite cause I switched to Apples OSX and Linux. Unfortunately I can not say when the new Version is ready to release.

Systems requirements

Operating system:

Windows 9x Direct X 3, Windows NT 4 since SP 3, XP/Vista with compatibility layer


Intel Pentium 166 MMX or equal


ca. 2 MB extra plus the needs of your OS

Sound device:

almost one DirectSound-ready sound deviceor using with headphones two soundcards are necessary
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